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Relaxing Massage


Massages done with hot oils and profumed essences that stimulate circulation and rebalance the nervous system are able to promote a state of mental and physical wellbeing. The “virtues” of massage are innumerable. Relaxation, for example, allows the body to regenerate itself and the nervous and hormone systems to be rebalanced. Other benefits are:

De-contraction Massage


De-contraction massage helps to melt away tension and muscle contractions. For those who suffer from localized muscle pain, this becomes a true wellbeing treatment.
Muscle contraction limits the extension of our movements because the muscle is tightened. For this reason, we feel tight and stiff and sometimes it results in pain or, in acute phases, some movements are blocked. De-contraction massage is useful in cases of:

Ayurvedic Abhyaga Treatment


Ayurvedic massage: the best known and diffused practice of Ayurveda in the west.

A method used to reduce stress and nervous tension, Ayurvedic massage helps to also maintain mental and physical equilibrium and strengthen the body’s natural defenses. It is performed during a fast, on a solid wood bed where the subject can completely lose oneself. This type of massage is practiced by one or two operators, who make use of warming and relaxing manual skills. The hands of these professionals easily run over the body thanks to the use of vegetable oils heated in advance and enriched with aromatic essences.
This ancient art allows for:

And it can also alleviate inherent problems: in the resipiratory system, sprains, swelling of the limbs and cramps. It is also a good method for pregnant women because if offers relief from back pain and improves circulation in addition to becoming a balancing treatment for children. In addition, esthetic effects are attributed to Ayurvedic massage: better hydration and brightness of the skin, reshaping, reduction of fat and cellulite, better skin and muscle tone.

Ayurvedico Udvartana Treatment


Ayurvedic Udvartana treatment is used for equilibration of the dosha Kapha.
Udvartana seems to have positive effects for a few problems cause by an imbalance of Kapha, among them:

The Udvartana method used also for controlling weight and fat (adipose tissue), stabilizes the organs’ activity, raises immune defenses and skin resistance. The Udvartana massage technique uses different herbal powders with which the skin of the entire body is rubbed.
The heat and energy necessary to calm the Kapha is produced by the friction, improving blood circulation and mobilizing fats. This is a purifying method that utilizes vegetable powders such as triphala, ginger and curcuma to remove excess toxins.
It reactivates the metabolism, has a peeling effect on the entire body and is evening deep cleaning, which helps to rebalance the PH of the skin. Udvartana massage is very energetic.

Chocolat Massage


Chocolate Massage: also known as a smile inducing massage it has been demonstrated to stimulate the central nervous system and improve your mood thanks to the substances used in this practice, such as caffeine and theobromine.
In fact, those who try our Chocolate Massage are warned of its sensations and gratifying effects. In addition, you perceive a state of serenity and relaxation, and it is possible to hydrate, nourish and soften the skin of the body.
Cacao contains important natural active ingredients with various effects:

Candle Massage


There is no oil that leaves the skin smooth like Candle Massage does, a relaxing massage for the body and mind.
It can be considered a wellness ritual in which all senses are involved. Used also as a preparation for wellbeing routes, Candle Massage prepares the body for the strains of treatment.