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Body Treatments

Relax, pampering and wellness

Body scrub with salt from the dead sea and purifying oil

Our body needs minerals to provide nutrients to and regenerate our cells. The principle components of these salts are all derived from the water evaporation process of the Dead Sea and the only processing to which it is subjected is its grinding and packaging. The minerals present in these products are:

  • Magnesium, which blocks the aging process
  • Bromide, which aids in relaxation
  • Calcium, which helps maintain healthy bones
  • Iron, which transports oxygen to cells
  • Iodine, which helps your metabolism
  • Potassium, which regulates hydration and nourishes muscles
  • Sulfur, which has disinfectant properties

Body scrub with anticellulite cane sugar

This effective cane sugar body scrub serves two purposes. It eliminates dead cells, helping with cellular renewal. At the same time, it is a good remedy for skin imperfections caused by cellulite because it contains ingredients such as: vitamin E, seaweed, horse chestnut, ivy and birch. Sugar cane is also recommended for the treatment of delicate skin.

Abdominal and leg mud masks

Anti-cellulite: “orange peel like, adipose skin – muds are one of the most effective solutions. With mud masks, one can obtain visible results after the first few applications. They have stimulating and toning properties that make the skin firmer. Mud also has the effect of softening and maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Muds also help to stimulate blood circulation and cellular oxygenation, thereby favoring the elimination of dead cellulite that causes the orange peel effect.


Give yourself a B.R.E.C.
The moments that we dedicate to ourselves are always fewer, but taking a few minutes to recharge our “batteries” and restart with energy is possible thanks to reflexology, the ideal cure-all after a busy day.
Reflexology with the B.R.E.C. method:

  • BREATH for a breath with the diaphragm (Taoist Method)
  • REFLEXOLOGY for a hand and foot massage
  • ENERGETIC with E.F.T. (meridion massage)
  • COACHING for Listening – Strategies – Objectives

A method that encompasses eastern wisdom (breath = Taoist breathing) with the techniques of reflexology and energetic equilibrium through the meridians with E.F.T. (small taps on the meridians) and communication tools.

Energetic Reawakening

The program includes 40 minutes of exercise:

  • Light exercise
  • Hand self-massage: an ancient technique called “mudra” or yoga for the hands, to obtain an energetic reawakening, elasticity in hand movements and the assistance of intestinal equilibrium
  • Breathing with the diaphragm which aides and stimulates blood circulation through oxygenation in addition to stimulating lymphatic circulation through faster breaths
  • Mùller method massages, self-massages to re-establish contact with your own body, small pleasureful pampering, that can be done daily
  • Good health techniques that recreate skin and muscle elasticity and help you to diminish morning numbness due to the position held during the night.

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