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The Terminal Palace Hotel places a heated, covered pool at your disposal, 10 by 5 meters, with a hydromassage area, next to the modern wellness area, equipped with Technogym machines, Finnish sauna, steam room and sensory shower.


The sauna has a relaxing effect on musculature, improves peripheral circulation, and prepares the muscle system for exertion, like true massage training. It is possible to take a hot or warm shower at the end of a treatment in order to facilitate the complete opening of the pores, for a firming effect on the skin and in order to eliminate residual dead skin and fats expelled while in the sauna.

Steam Room

The steam room is a treatment that takes place in a room with relative humidity equal to 100%. A cloud of stratified temperature is formed, from 20 – 25 degrees at floor level, to 40 – 50 at the height of one’s head. Perspiration is less intense than in a hot and dry environment such as a sauna, but given that the time spent is much longer, the final result is often a higher quantity of perspiration. It has origins in the roman bath tradition: Arabs took up the tradition with their “hammams” (“to heat”), baths of smaller dimensions, which favored a deeper cleansing and purification of the skin, in addition to being useful for respiratory pathways and for their toning and relaxing effects. At the end it is possible to take a quick cold shower: the change in temperature is essential for obtaining good results for the body.

Sensory Shower

A suggestive play of light, water, color and aroma that fascinates and surprises. Entering the shower, pressing the “Tropic” button, an orange light turns on while the smell of tropical fruit is emanated and a hot rain of various stages begins, with an initial drizzle followed by ever more intense rain. Pressing the “Glacial” button instead, a blue light turns on, and at the same time, the perfume of cool mint is emitted, and a fine fog fills the entire shower.

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